About Us

Yarra  is a long established supplier of Analytical and Non-Destructive Testing Equipment based in IRAN. We have grown to become one of the Iran’s leading supplier of NDT devices. We  supply a comprehensive range of Ultrasonic equipment, Magnetic particle, Dye penetrant testing equipment , Eddy Current equipment , Phased Array , Thickness Gauge , XRF , LIBS Spectrometer , Raman Spectroscopy, Thermography , Industrial Radiography. Our client base has grown steadily with us and we now export shipping Iran wide.

Over 8 years in business, Yarra has built strong and lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers which has led to the introduction of new and innovative products for the NDT market place.

Yarra is proud to be a corporate member of the following organisations:

  • The Iranian Society for Non Destructive Testing (IRSNT).
  • The Iranian Corrosion Association (IRCA).
  • The Iranian Oil & Gas Supplimentors Portal (MOP.IR)
  • The Iranian Govermental Procurment Portal (SetadIran)


We are interested in selling NDT and Analytical products at our stores located in IRAN, so please contact us if you see good opportunity. 

  • Yarra Tajhiz Company
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